The sixth edition of the exhibition contest "Traveling through the cribs" will take place, during a month, in the area of Dante avenue sliding scale, City of Potenza - Italy.  The people can visit the extensive exhibition of Christmas cribs starting from December  8, 2013 to January 8, 2014. The cribs are made ​​by individuals - groups or associations. The final awards ceremony takes place, as every year, at the "F. Stabile" Theater with the participation of a famous italian artist.

Cribs’ artists come from various Italian regions and they  are divided into two contest categories (associations or individuals).  Their  own works, realized with free technique, are ranging from the most traditional to the absolutely most innovative and creative. The top three winners of the two categories are decreed by a technical jury.  Instead the exhibitions visitors have the opportunity to purchase a coupon at a cost of € 1 vote to express their preference about favorite crib. The funds raised will be donated entirely to charity activity.

For more information, download the rules and entry form. The deadline is November 20, 2013. If you're not an avid artist of cribs, you can always support our charitable purpose!

Voting procedures and charity

The exhibition contest real purpose is to raise funds to be donated, every year, to various charities activities. Great attention is given to research of concrete actions to be carried out to give the right value to the meaning of Christmas. Thanks to artists’ cribs and their works, the exhibition give the opportunity to many visitors to be able to vote for their favorite crib by purchasing a coupon at cost of € 1.

The total of votes will decide the winner chosen by the so-called “popular jury” but, more important, all funds raised will be donated entirely to charity. During the five previous editions  we have been collected up to €11,000 which have financed a number of concrete projects of solidarity. Please, visit the charity section to learn more about past projects.

The value of a man should be measured according to what he gives and not according to what he's able to receive.

- Albert Einstein

This year we are evaluating various charity projects to support. After Africa and Central America we would like to bring our humanitarian aid to affected area in Southeast Asia. Back to our website for more information about the association we will choice!

The organizers

Ass. Sintetika & Key Service

The Sintetika Cultural Association and the study of communication strategies Key Service renew their partnership for the realization of this event. The exhibition contest, created just for fun, has received over the years, a considerable success coming to involve more participants, especially associations that do social work. The commitment is increasingly directed to either a shared cultural growth as the beneficent central purpose.

Sponsor & Institutions

Over the years the event, organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Potenza - Basilicata Region and APT - would not have been possible without the significant participation of sponsors and private companies, some of which return each year to fund the event.

The sponsorship packages are different and provide the release of company logo on all promotional materials and on website, the creation and distribution of leaflets but also the display of posters and banners 100x140 and 3x2 along the entire walk of the sliding scale. The most faithful also have the ability to reward the winner of the popular jury directly delivering the prize (durable or service) during the final awards ceremony. For more informations contact us at