Last year there was 54 artists with many strange and traditional cribs. 70.000 visitors and 4.000 votes for Aiutare i bambini and poor babies heart operations.
The awards ceremony took place at the "F. Stabile" Theatre and hosted the comic show "La Ricotta". Seven cash prizes delivered plus the awards for the most creative and original works.


In the Vth edition there was 39 artists whose artistic level was significantly raised. Approximately 30,000 visitors and more than 3,000 votes pocketed that have helped raise funds for Operation Smile. In this way 20 children with cleft lips and cleft palates were operated in Jordan. The awards ceremony hosted the comic show of Antonio Gerardi, Demo Mura and Dario Cassini. Seven cash prizes delivered plus the awards for the most creative and original works.


The fourth edition was attended by 47 nativity scenes, with a remarkable presence of artists from Campania and Puglia regions, whom presented works in full respect of the most valuable tradition about crib. About 26,000 visitors have confirmed their interest in exhibition contest and they helped us to raise funds for the construction of a school in Haiti by Solidarité Haitienne, Haitian Association coordinated by Claudio Gatti, an italian journalist in New York (Il Sole 24 ore). The awards ceremony hosted the irreverent performances of the dialectal theatral company “Zi Gerard”. Seven cash prizes and four plates conferred at the artistic works deemed most deserving by visitors and by the jury.


This edition has seen a growing number of visitors and artists also coming from neighboring regions. Considerable success was achieved by the operation of charity. Thanks to the 4000 votes purchased during the event and the collaboration with AMREF, we have devolved funds for the construction of a water well in Kenya that is at the service of an entire local community. The well was named "Basento" (as the river in the City of Potenza). The end of construction, which lasted about a year, is proven by photos kindly sent to us by AMREF. The inaugural event was graced by the presence of Skizzkea, a Neapolitan music band that revisits in a modern and pop ways the Neapolitan repertoire. The awards ceremony has had the honor of hosting Rocco Papaleo and his recital of music and theater.


The second edition has seen substantial innovations in the organization of the event: the website, the division into two contest categories (groups and individuals) and the introduction of the coupon payment to raise funds for charity. In this year we gave it to the Archdiocese of Saint Gerardo. In 2008 there was 29 artists, 20,000 visitors to the exhibition and 1,200 votes purchased. The inaugural event also saw the participation of Marco Smiles Quintet. The awards ceremony, held at the " F. Stabile" Theater, hosted the Ensemble Coincidencia; Tuscan musicians with south soul singing whose stage presence of considerable thickness took them on tour in Japan, where they performed with great success at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo.


The first edition there was 27 artists from across the region. About 16,000 people visiting the exhibition and 8,000 coupons pocketed and €3000 in money prizes. In 2007, the contest was enriched by side events: Exhibition of contemporary art by Idearte - Polyphonic Choir Associazione Melos - Performances:  Associazione Iatrida and Associazione Suoni, poetry and thoughts  reading.