Past year we raised funds to "Aiutare i bambini" onlus and its project "Cuore di bimbi" that has the aim to operate on children suffering of heart disease in developing countries through medical missions or in Italian hospital such as Malpighi Hospital in Bologna and Niguarda in Milan. A true and tangible solidarity because with 1.000 € we can donate a journey of hope to Italy to a child with congenital heart disease. Vote and get involved! Your contribution can give forever a new life to a child whose only misfortune was to be born in a poor country.



In 2011, we raised  € 3.600 fund which allowed to operate 20 children in Amman, Jordan. Operation Smile Italy organizes medical missions around the world to repair severe facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate, outcomes of burns and trauma. The operation takes only 45 minutes and costs only €180. It’s so simple to donate a smile forever  to a child born with these diseases.

In the photo kindly sent to us by Operation Smile a child with cleft palate, waiting to go into surgery in Amman, Jordan. The mission took place at the end of June 2012.

Continue to support Operation Smile and its medical missions around the world!





In the fourth edition were raise € 2.800 fund, in favor of Solidarité Haitienne, an Haitian Association coordinated by Claudio Gatti, an italian journalist in New York (Il Sole 24 ore). The funds contributed to reconstruct a school destroyed during the earthquake that struck the island of Haiti. In the video Eddy Gaston, President of Solidarité Haitienne thanks us.



Thanks to the collaboration with AMREF, we have built a water well in Kenya in the Makueni district that is useful to an entire local community. The well was built with € 3.000 funds raised and is called "Basento" as the river in the City of Potenza. www.amref.org











The event, in this second edition, has seen substantial innovations in organization and especially with the introduction of the coupon payment for the fundraiser. € 800 was donated to charity Archdiocese of San Gerardo.